Field Trip to Post Office

As part of the Project Week Activity, the children of Class 2 were taken for a visit to the nearby Post Office of Thondamuthur on 13.09.17. The children were kept in surprise as the destination was not told to them.

There were two school buses which were engaged to take the children for the field trip. We started by 10.30 a.m and reached our destination by 10.55 am. The three sections of Class 2 were taken one after the other and all the three sections completed their trip by 1 o’clock.

 The children were very excited to be able to go inside and observe the working of the post office about which they were learning.

The concerned postal official was very generous as she explained to the children about the various services that are available from the Post Office. She explained to the children about the post card, the inland letter, the stamps and their values, the sorting of letters and the duties of the postman. The children asked various questions and the official was patient enough to answer their questions. The official was very creative as she asked many questions to the children too and the children were able to answer the questions satisfactorily.

The children spent around half an hour in the post office after which they came back to the school. The children were asked to write about what they observed and what they learnt after the field trip.

Added on: 13 Sep 2017

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