In Today’s world, raising a child to be a worthy individual and envisage him or her to be a responsible and humane person is no less a task, it is a collaborative effort of parents, other family members and teachers. We had our eminent Chief Guest DR. Neminathan MBBS., DCH., MD (Texilla American University) to enlighten us on an effective and successful parenting.

The workshop commenced with the Welcome Address by Ms. Deepa. V with a hearty welcome to our Chief Guest and to all the parents. She also briefed on the difficulties we face in parenting these days where in olden days parenting was not at all a big deal. Our Chief Guest addressed our parents with brief description on parenting. He begun with his words”Parenting begins at the time of conception”. Joint family system is a good model for bring up children. Grand parents play an immense role in grooming children. He also insisted the importance of breast feeding upto 2 years of an infant.

He also gave a crisp tips on various topics including importance of eating healthy food, exercise, bed time stories, recreation, hazards of junk foods, fast foods and aerated drinks, threats of obesity, inculcating the concept of earning money in children in their very young age etc., His speech was so informative and transforming to the listeners. Our parents were so interactive where their lots of queries on parenting were answered by our Chief Guest.

He concluded his speech by saying “Be Proud To Be An Indian”.  After Dr. Neminathan’s inspiring speech, Ms. Sumathy briefed parents on how to inculcate reading habits in children in their very young age.

Parents were also briefed upon ERP by Ms Deepa. A lots of queires on ERP from parents were answered.

The session was concluded with our Headmistress Ms. Chitra Venkateswaran thanking our Chief Speaker of the day for his valuable insights..

Added on: 15 Jul 2017

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