As part of Field Trip, the children were taken to TNAU Dairy farm which was apt as the theme of the month was “Milk.”  The children jumped with joy when they were informed about their visit to Dairy Farm.  Soon after the Home Room period, the children happily boarded the bus and were very inquisitive regarding the trip.  The children’s discussion was around the topic cows, till the bus reached the farm.  Whenever they would see a cow on the road, they would talk about it.

When the bus entered the TNAU Dairy Farm Campus, the children could get a glimpse of the cows in the shed which made them excited. The children formed a line along with their partner as was instructed and walked towards the cow shed.  A professor from the Veterinary Department accompanied the group.

The first visit was to the cow shed and the children were enthralled to see around 25 cows all in one place.  They saw cows of different colours - brown, black, white and the children were explained about the various breeds of cows and the term “fodder – food of cattle” was explained to their level of understanding. The Professor further enlightened the children regarding the purpose of rubber mats as bedding for the cows and that the 25 cows produced 210 litres of milk daily.  The children were very curious to know why the cows kept chewing all the time and the children were familiarised with the word “chewing the cud”.

After visiting the cowshed, the children were taken to the area where hay was kept and it was explained that apart from green grass, the cows were fed with hay too.  They were then taken to the area where the cow dung was collected and kept.  Though the stench of the dung made the children cover their noses, they appreciated the fact that it played an important role as manure for the plants.

The children also saw a few calves and were totally excited.  As a whole, the trip was very informative, knowledgeable and fun filling to the children and indeed was an unforgettable day in this session.


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