To concede this axiom Delhi Public School, Coimbatore presented class presentation for the tiny tots of nursery. This provides space for the children to exhibit their innate flair. It was held on 21st and 22nd of September. On the day of presentation children were very excited to showcased their talents in front of their parent. The presentation was commenced with dance performance by our little buddies. After the dance all the children were gathered on the stage for prayer song “God’s love is so wonderful”.

As class presentation is the glimpse of whole month’s activity of the children in the class the show was start up by circle time enactment, where one child was dressed up like a teacher and appeared on the stage, and rest of the children enacted like as they were in the real classroom. It was well applauded by all the parents as they could feel and visualize real ambience of the classroom. Since the annual theme of this session is Mahatma , the children spoke about Gandhiji’ Satyagraha movement.

The theme of this month is Baker and the children recited the rhyme on baker “pat a cake pat a cake baker’s man”. To emphasise the importance of hand wash “Hanu the hand” presented on the stage and taught five steps of hand wash.

To make the program so lively one of the parent was invited on the stage to demonstrate the hand wash steps and the children probe questions to them. The phonic song with action was well liked by the audience.

Followed by that, children sang Hindi swar which they have learnt in the class. All these enactment, songs, rhymes, speech gave a brief knowledge to the parents about the functioning of school and the activities of children when they are away from the home.

The children put a great show with lot of confidence and proved their talent through the fearless speech which was appreciated and enjoyed by the spectators. The viewers left the hall with anticipation of forth coming event.


Added on: 21 Sep 2017

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