“Music is like NECTAR & LOVE , the taste and sound may stop now and then , but the strings reverberates and resonates forever.”

Classical art forms not only speak about our versatile cultural heritage but also about our beautifully interwoven traditions and its ethnicity. To affirm and avow this fact, Delhi Public School being the staunch patronage  took conscious effort to preserve and promote our diminishing rich cultural heritage to the technocrats of 21st century by organizing two days SPIC MACAY- South Zone Convention from October 14 & 15 at our lush green school premises. SPIC MACAY –the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth is a voluntary youth movement, whereby its prime objective is to promote the intangible aspects of classical music, classical dance, folk music, Yoga, meditation and crafts form. The event had an overwhelming response with 86 volunteers turned up from ten schools across South India. Some local volunteers too joined in.

The post lunch session witnessed the shadow puppetry presented by the troupe of Shri Ramachandra Pulavar as they propagate the art form of shadow puppetry aptly named as THOLPAVAIKUTHU. They follow the traditional style of Shadow Puppetry; it’s an art form from the temple premises to the outside world.

“I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin”-

                                                                                                                            Albert Einstein

The evening session, the audience witnessed an enthralling rendition by the distinguished violinist Kumari A Kanyakumari.

A conjurer of Music once said, “I am very lucky and grateful to have this living link to a past era, the violin presumably having much more history to it than the later portion that I know.” It is, without a doubt, my only link to classical music and to an era which would belong forgotten if not kept alive with music and art. Certainly, the violin is captivating. In the right hands, it is the sweetest music to the ear that can come flowing out. Music at its highest rendition; conjured from air and ambience like a genie from a bottle was the delightful performance of Kalaimamani, Sangeetha Kalanidhi, Padma Sri Kum. Kanyakumari’s in the evening. A perfect craftsmanship, with precise accurate and sharp acumen is what her performance could be described at its modest. She has dedicated her life to music and thanks her gurus and parents for what she is today.

This humbleness is the manifestations of great souls. Our great traditions have taught us, that we should seek the mind and not the material in our lives. She is the disciple of three great gurus, Shri Ivaturi Vijeswara Rao, Shri M. Chandrasekaran and M. L Vasanthakumari. She is conferred the title of “Vadya Lahri’ which is her brain child. It is a new combination of the Violin, the Veena and the Nadaswaram. Recently she has composed seven ragas bearing the names of the seven hills of Thirumala. Today her pieces included the soul awakening “Vande Mataram” & “Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram”, wherein the audience also joined in. The mesmerizing rendition of the keerthanas of the most precious ragas like ‘Bhoobalan , Brahmamukuthi and many more. It was such a mystic experience that the audience got wafted across the soulful music that entranced profoundly.  She has evolved her own style of melodious playing and silken bowing which closely resembles vocal music raphasodising audiences all over.

The second day dawned with rejuvenating Yoga session and meditation followed with a Heritage walk to Adhi Yogi Isha Yoga Centre. On the whole, the event was indeed a connection to our pristine era that once immersed in the euphoria of myriad hues of Classical Art forms. It was a reflection of our rich cultural traditions. Undoubtedly, it introduced the ignited young minds to set ablaze with passion for the intangible aspects of folk and classical Indian Music.

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