“Be the Change that you wish to see in the world”-M.K. Gandhi

After Gandhiji’s return from South Africa, he decided to extend his support to the struggling peasants in Champaran, a district in Bihar.  The peasants appealed to Gandhiji for help and he came to this village on 10th April 1917. Gandhiji visited many villages.  This infuriated the British, who asked him to leave. But he refused and was willing to face trial and imprisonment.  This act of civil disobedience forced the government to back track and to appoint a committee of enquiry. 

Champaran thus became the first victory for Gandhi‘s path of non-violence and civil disobedience.  Thus, to pay homage to “Mahatma”, DPS Coimbatore celebrated Champaran Centenary week from 17.04.2017- 22.04.2017 with great zeal and devotion.


10.04.2017 (Monday)

The Champaran “Satyagraha” Centenary celebration commenced with a guest speaker Dr. Brindha, Head of the English Department, Government Arts College, Tirupur.   She spoke about the power of non violence and ahimsa and interacted with children.  Students of classes   IX and X enjoyed her speech.  On the same day, Picture Writing on the topic “Hamare Bapu”  was conducted for  the students of  VI  and poster making for class  VII and VIII.  All the charts were displayed in the bulletin board.

17.04.2017 (Monday)

On the first day of the centenary celebration week, Quiz programme was organized for classes VI to VIII in the Multipurpose Hall.  The students were divided into four groups such as Sathya, Swedhsi, Nonviolence and Ahmisa.  The children participated enthusiastically and Sathya team came out victorious.  The participants were appreciated by the Headmistress.

On the same day, the students of IX and X made colourful book marks with quotes of Gandhi.

The bookmarks were very well decorated and pinned on the inside board.


18.04.2017  (Tuesday)

CLASSES VI and VII designed and decorated a frame for Gandhi’s sketch. The children drew beautiful pictures of Gandhiji, charkha and made colourful frame with card board and charts.

A group activity was organized for VIII class during the same day. The wall hangings on journey of Mohandas were created by the children.  They enjoyed the activity and all the handmade frame and Wall hangings were exhibited in the RC and the corridors.  The corridor looked magnificent by the colorful posters of Gandhiji all around.

On the Same day Tableaux presented by IX and X class students on the topic Swedhesi Movement and Salt Sathyagraha in the Prayer Assembly.  Through this children came to know the facts and incidents about Mahatma Gandhi and his movements. Children enjoyed listening to the history narrated by the students from class IX and X. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and teachers.

19.04.2017 (Wednesday):

A beautiful musical activity “Gandhi Gaan” was conducted by the Music Department along with the children from VI to VIII  in the Hall. Few songs sung included,” Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye and ….  etc.   Children really enjoyed the music and dispersed happily.

Multi use box made of Khadi materials were taken up by the students of classes IX and X.  They made pen stand, letter box and various other useful things in a productive manner and exhibited it in the RC.   This activity portrayed the ideology of  Gandhiji ‘s self reliance.  Children of junior wing were taken to visit and explore the same.

20.04.2017 (Thursday)

“Hindi Poem on Hamare Bapu” was recited by the children of classes VI to VIII.

21.04.2017 (Friday)  

Students of IX and X enacted a skit on the topic Non- cooperation and Gandhi’s freedom movment in South Africa. The enactment depicted the freedom struggle of India initiated by a young girl Thillayadi Valliammal in South Africa. It was really portrayed and imitated in an amazing and well planned manner.  The play was appreciated and encouraged by the Headmistress.

During the dispersal the children sang songs of Gandhiji along with the Music Department in the assembly.

On the same day Children were told to bring simple food and share their food with their classmates.

Through this the children learnt about the beliefs of “simple living and high thinking” that Gandhiji followed.                                                                 

22.04.2017 (Saturday)

“Manthan”, a talk show on “Imbibing Gandhi and its Relevance” was taken up by the SST department in the activity room.




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