“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

It is often a mystery at the ways mind can work, at the least expected time it works wonders. The mind is a remarkable thing, if trained well it travels through winding paths with ease. Cryptic Crossword enriches our mind and widens our thinking horizon. The perplexing phrases pose a puzzling endeavor for the students enriching them to think out of the box. The CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest (CCCC) is the largest crossword solving championship for school students in India. The aim of the crossword is not only to make the brain work faster but also to enhance the power of drawing inference quickly. This contest was open for students of classes IX to XII. Conducted by the CBSE in association with Extra-C, a Patna-based not-for-profit organization, it consists of two rounds – City and Grand Finale.

The CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest 2017(CCCC-2017) city round was held at Delhi Public School, Coimbatore on 26th July, 2017.  The registrations for the contest began around 10.00am. With 10 schools all set to work their mind on the puzzle give, the programme kick started at 10.50am with the ceremonial Lamp Lighting to avail the blessing of the Lord Almighty! The soulful chanting of the Shloka, and a heart soothing praise for the great Creator by the school choir, calmed the mind and soul. Next on the agenda was an enthralling poetry of hands and legs. The school dance troupe mesmerized the audience with their lightness in foot.

The competition instigated at 11.00am. Each school comprising of two participants were given a Cryptic Crossword to solve in an hour. We were lucky to have amongst us, Colonel Gopinath, who not only is an avid solver of the Cryptic crossword but also designs the Grid for them. He was able to join us as he happened to be in Coimbatore today.

Once the papers were collected and were being tabulated,, Colonel Gopinath enlightened the students with the techniques in unraveling the mystery of the Cryptic Puzzle.

So it is rightly said that months of toil and hard word bares the fruit of delight. Towards the end of the much awaited moment the results were announced:

  • 1st Position - Delhi Public School Coimbatore – Akash.A and Ramgopal Hariharan of class X
  • 2nd Position –Chinmaya International Residential School – Pragadeeshwaran of class XII and Abhigyan of class IX

“Champions are not the ones who always win races - champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time, and even harder the next time. 'Champion' is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes.”

While addressing the audience Ms. Chitra Venkateswaran, the Head Mistress, congratulated the winners and expressed her wonderment in the dedication and hard work put in by the teams.

The winning team will be representing the school at the Grand Finale.

“The reason why this victory is great is because different players have made contributions to the win.”

Added on: 26 Jul 2017

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