“A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to be always busy with something and know how to demand with all his might what you want”.

– Paulo Coelho

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had aptly quoted that, "The children of today will make the India proud and glorious with their achievements and accolodes." Children’s Day or Bal Diwas, is celebrated each year on November 14 with grandeur and splendor all across the nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of the first Prime minister of Independent India.  Pandit Nehru has been fondly known as  Chacha Nehru  because of his profound love for children. To manifest this truth, Delhi Public School endorses and ignites the blissful elements of childhood; and paves an explicit way for every child to blossom in order to fly high like eagle and phoenix and unfurl their wings of pious souls.

To affirm this ideology, Delhi Public School Coimbatore celebrated MASTI KI PATHSHALA- BAL SANGAM in the lush green environs of school campus by greeting the children by showering the flowers and smearing tilak with joy and elation, which made the children to feel themselves so special. The foyer was decorated colourfully and the children were welcomed by the teacher with the phrase “Children: Blooms of our life” which saturated and spread an aura and ambience that blown across the children with a profound sense of excitement.

A special assembly was conducted in which the significance of Children’s day was elaborated to the students. The event commenced with shloka, followed by a prayer song succeeded by the melliflous classical recital of our dance teacher Mr. Marudhachalam. A crispy message was delivered by Ms. Poornima and Ms. Nithya Kalyani by replicating themselves as Chacha Nehru depicting the vitality of Children’s Day followed by a captivating folk fusion dance by the teachers. To spruce up the event, teachers came up with a mesmerizing performance on Tamil Folk dance was a virtual feast for the beholders. Successively, there was also a hilarious English, Hindi poetry recitation by our teachers which were indeed thought- provoking and insightful. Subsequent to this, the Headmaster Mr. Ahamad Azad addressed the assembly in which he emphasized about the importance of celebrating Bal Sangam by exhibiting and displaying the noble virtues being taught in the school.

Thereafter, the children dispersed to the various venues for Bal Sangam activities.  Their joy knew no bounds when they participated under the dexterous guidance of the delegated teachers.

Nursery and Prep- Red group/Rockers

The Nurserians and Prep belonged to the Red group – “Rockers”. The Rockers were in red T-shirts.

Indoor Activities:

Our tiny tots enjoyed the indoor activities such as ‘Big Fish-Small fish’, I love shape.  The children also created a Colourful Rainbow Tree with their creative hands. Children tried their best to toss the paper balls into the snowman cut outs.  They were excited to keep the tissues on their head as well as tapping their toes for music and trying to balance the tissue on their head. They had a great time with their laughter reverberating in the room.

Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor activities kept the dipsites on their toes and much more thrilled.  Children went crazy during the Fun Fair rides. They waved their hands, sang songs and went  around the campus, watching the greenery.

Tattoo parlour excited the little ones as they loved to have it on their hands and they began to adore it. Children were following the dizzying trail up and down during the activity ‘Follow the line patterns’.

The day ended with Tom and Jerry show in the AV room which was enjoyed immensely by the tiny tots.

Class 1 & 2- Yellow group/ Intellectual

Indoor Activities:

Class I and II children came in yellow T-shirt.   Three indoor activities planned for this group.  Guess, Run and Win:  The class was divided into two groups and the indoor and outdoor games were played as mentioned in the chit. The group which reached the respective corner first was declared as the winner.

  1. Toss a ring: Plastic bottles filled with sand were arranged in a line and the children were provided with rings. Each child got an opportunity to ring the cones and this brought lots of cheer amidst the children as each one tried their best to accomplish the task.
  2. Freeze dance: Children also enjoyed freeze dance along with their teachers as a part of the outdoor activity.

Outdoor Activities:

The children also enjoyed outdoor activities such as 1. Shape maze: The children were given shape cutouts and were asked to step on the shape of their choice. Music was played and when the music stopped, a shape was picked up and the children who were standing on that shape were out of the game and were not allowed to participate in the next round of the game

  1. Colour Scavenger Hunt: The children were divided into groups and were given white paper bag with colour scavenger hunt written on it. The colours that are required to be hunted were scribbled in the form of small squares on the front of the bag. The children then went around and collected the things that matched the colour in the bag. The team that finished first was declared as the winners.
  2. 3. Ballpark: Different types of balls were kept in different corners of the ground. The children went around the ground and after they came back, they were asked to draw the various balls that they had seen in the ground. This game really tested their memory.

Class 3, 4 &5- Blue Group-Challengers

Indoor Activities:

Freeze Dance- Children of grade III to V enjoyed freeze dance which was conducted in the foyer as a part of indoor activity. Music department took an active part in this activity as the music was played by Mr. Jitender and the children tapped their feet when the music played and they freezed when the music is paused.  Children enjoyed enthusiastically.

 Drawing Game- Drawing game activity was conducted where a piece of paper was attached to the backside of the child and another child made a quick portrait of his or her friend using oil pastels.

Creative Names- Children went for a nature walk and collected natural materials like dried leaves; flowers etc. and they pasted the materials on the drawing sheet to form their names.

Outdoor Activities

 Children played ‘Catch the Dragon’s Tail’ activity where all stood in a line and the child who grabbed the scarf from the last child who has tucked in his /her pocket or belt. Once the head got the tail the second person in the line became the head and the game continued.

AROUND THE WORLD- The children stood in a circle holding hands and they put a plastic hoop in between by breaking one set of linked arm and re-link the hands again. They tried to get the hoop around the circle, over and under the children in a certain amount of time.

MUSICAL CHAIR- Nothing beats playing an exciting game of musical chair. On this day children enjoyed playing musical chair according to the music tuned by the Music department.

To end up the day, Charlie Chaplin movie was screened in the foyer and the children enjoyed the show and were in splits of laughter. It was a memorable day for the children and indeed the day would have etched wonderful memories in their tiny hearts!


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