Hands that C-A-R-E

Only a life lived for others is worth living as human beings, who have been highly regarded as social animals in nature. Being a part of our society, we exhibit a social behavior which ought to be in peace and harmony with one another.  We take care of others and they take care of us too. Community helpers play a vital role in our society and our major co-curricular activity, "Hands that care" is an apt topic given to them. Just to imagine our society devoid of them would be in fact meaningless and haphazard. Who would save our community from fires and crimes? Who will help us feel better when we are feeling sick? Who will bring mail to us? Who can mould a better individual? and the list goes on and on. So they are our integral part of our society. Our parents and neighbors come in contact regularly and they are direct helpers. Indirect helpers are not in direct contact but serve us indirectly like soldiers, doctors, teachers, policemen and so on.

The title of today's major co-curricular activity, "Hands that care" brought awareness that it is very important to all of us to know the ways in which community helpers work and deliver their services to make our lives easier and comfortable. Students of Nursery, Preparatory and Class I were a part of the activity. The Foyer was decorated as a market area with a title "Apna Bazaar". A set up of super market, fruits and vegetable shop, boutique, bakery, foot wear shop, a mini dispensary, stationary shop, flower shop with gardener and his tools created an ambience and aura of a real market place. The set up in the foyer made the little ones attain considerable knowledge on the hands that care in their day-today lives.

A special assembly took place by seeking the blessings of the almighty commenced with Shloka followed by prayer.  This was followed by Class I students’ briefing on the topic "Hands that care" in an impressive manner. Next the tiny tots turned up with their action rhymes on the Community Helpers.  Many community helpers have easily identifiable with work attire being worn during their duty. This makes it easier to know their roles and responsibilities rendered in the community and how they are beneficial if we approach them during the state of crisis. A policeman or a fire fighter's uniform and a doctor's coat thus become important clues of how they serve in the society. Some of them also have identifiable means of transport like the police car, the fire truck, the mail van, the ambulance etc. Some of the little ones from Nursery and Preparatory dressed up as community helpers belonging to different professions. The dressed up community helpers from class Preparatory enacted their roles with realistic props along with appropriate words stole the hearts of the audience. This was then followed by the most awaited Puppet Show presented by Class I. That was indeed a marvelous presentation that ignited and triggered the imagination of children. To widen their knowledge about the Community Helpers and their role, students from Nursery, Preparatory and grade I were involved in various other classroom activities.

To add zest to the event, one of our drivers, conductor, electrician, and gardener and outsource staff delivered a brief speech on their nature of work had truly enhanced the assembly. The presentation by the chief guest added a new dimension to the event and broadened their horizons. This was then followed by a short and valuable address by our Headmaster Mr. Ahamad Azad, who felicitated the guest by handing over a ‘Thank you’ card as a token of appreciation for his esteemed presence.

The event got culminated by reiterating the fact that community helpers are people in various professions that directly impact the lives of others. We can also help them to do their jobs better, if we understand the role they play in many ways as they remind us of how inter-connected our lives are. The basic need for others strengthen the bond with one another and make a social environment all the more friendly, closer and inter-dependent.

Added on: 20 Sep 2018

Published by: School Admin