“Education with experiential learning undoubtedly serves its overall purpose as it enables one to attain new insights and widen their horizons”.

An educational tour paves not only a significant path for the overall development of students but also gives them an opportunity to learn from their own experiences and from the experience of others. Further, it breaks the dreariness of life and fills the mind with joy and enthusiasm.

To accentuate this above ideology, students of grade IV were taken to Traffic Park on February 19, 2018 as an educational trip in order to enhance their awareness about Traffic Safety measures. Approximately 110 students of grade IV escorted by their respective class teachers boarded three buses at half past ten immediately after the attendance and reached the venue at 11:15 am. As they alighted, the inquisitive students geared up to explore the park with great sense of exultation.

The Traffic Park was inaugurated by Coimbatore City Police Commissioner Amalraj, who had expressed confidence and hope that the traffic park would inculcate the habit of abiding to road rules among children and become better drivers in the future. As a matter of fact, the Traffic Park is technically supported and maintained by Honda Motorcycle and renovated by Tamil Nadu as it’s regarded as the biggest park in South India.

The park is well equipped with various traffic signs put up along the pathway to give the children a feel of the real road. The children were excited to see the fabricated pedestrian pathways, signboards and traffic lights which are created in scale-down measures to suit the heights of the little ones.
Apart from a mini traffic track with all signals and traffic signs, the park has been installed with LED projectors, traffic simulator, watch tower, mini amphitheatre and a hall to conduct an awareness classes.

At the outset, they were led to a hall, wherein the awareness pertinent to Traffic signs and markings were briefed by Honda trainer. Our students had a conversation with the Managing Director of the Traffic Park and the trainers about the colours in traffic lights, which are not red, yellow and green rather they are red, amber and green. Further, they briefed about the speed limits and precautionary measures to be taken while driving.

Digital signals, pavements, bus stops, signs and symbols and all other aspects of a ‘proper’ road have been splendidly replicated in the park. At one corner of the park, a theoretical education room has been established, where the children had undergone the basic education on traffic rules before they were taken on a tour through the park.

Some of our students were given adequate training to ride a mini bike and bicycles inside the traffic park by adhering to the traffic rules under the dexterous guidance of the efficient Honda trainers. Thereafter, the students had lip-smacking lunch and proceeded to play inside the park till their heart’s content. Subsequent to this, the students left the park by 2:00pm with fond memories.

Thus, the trip proved to be instrumental in sensitizing the children about Road Safety measures and gave a deep insight about the significance of Traffic Rules, Road Markings, Warning signs, Mandatory signs, Informatory signs in detail to the students.

Added on: 19 Feb 2018

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