Delhi Public School, organized parental workshop on Saturday in the topic Education – A holistic development about “CYBER SECURITY”. The parental workshop started as an interactive session with parents, followed by introduction to Cyber Security with the power point presentation. Many examples were given to prove that how the social engineering techniques are used to fool the people.

The goal of the workshop was divided into two aspects Cyber security for parents and Cyber Security for children. Explanation was given on the various techniques used in the social engineering such as Pretexting, Phishing, Phone Phishing, Shoulder Surfing, and Dumpster Diving with examples. After that, security tips were given to write a strong password and also added, the information about the security measures for the children while using Internet, the ways to take precaution, protecting against cyber bullying and educating the children about cyber security. Finally demonstrated, the basic ways to keep the children safe while using internet. The parents were asking various queries how to control the internet access of their children in their gadgets and discussed innumerable aspects of the same.

To conclude, the session was a brainstorming which makes the parents to think, involve, and engaged and, to implement based on real time exposure using internet services.  The parent’s from IT background came out with few ideas and shared their views, which was very informative.  As a teachers we also have to educate and create the awareness to the children, to be safe and conscious while using internet services.


Added on: 27 Jan 2018

Published by: School Admin