The Thursday Activity," Tableaux" presentation was held on 19th April, 2018 at Delhi Public School Coimbatore. The students from classes VI to X participated enthusiastically in the event. The students were to stage a frozen picturization of any famous movement that India had witnessed. A group of 12 to 15 students were chosen to put forth the enactment. These students were appropriately dressed in accordance to their character and stood in frozen positions that were meant to depict the selected theme. The acts were judged by a panel of teachers.

The first performance was staged by Class X who enacted the Nirbhaya Act, a nationwide movement that acted as a proof to the fact that humanity still existed. It was an act that brought to light the many problems faced by women everywhere.

The second act was presented by Class IX A. They, through their performance, represented the "Anti-Corruption Movement" that was led by Anna Hazare, a movement that showcased the collected spirit of the nation to eradicate corruption.

The next enactment was performed by Class IX B. Their act was titled "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" and was a portrayal of the recent event that caused tumult across the length and width of the nation. It was the "Justice for Asifa" act, a crime that the entire world reacted with nothing but pure shock.

The fourth ensemble, staged by Class VIII A, was a depiction of the "Brahmo Samaj movement" led by Raja Ram Mohan Roy to enforce the eradication of "Sati", an age old tradition that took the lives of many Indian widows.

The next performance was put forth by Class VII A. They enacted the movement for Kaveri water held in Tamil Nadu, a result of the long standing feud between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The fifth performance was presented by Class VII B, who portrayed the "Swadeshi movement" in which Indians showed their retaliation towards British rule in India by burning English goods and using goods made in India.

The final performance was staged by Class VI A. They depicted the "Simon Commission" movement, something that enlightened everyone about a lesser known yet prominent act.

 Competitions always need a winner, not because others were failures. But, that is the rule of competitions. Class VIII A came up with flying colours. This was followed by a speech from the Head of School, which concluded the session.

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