“The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else” - Martina Navratilova.

Apart from revering victories, sports meets also aspire at instilling credos on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to youngsters. Delhi Public School, Coimbatore celebrated its “Annual Athletic Meet -2018” with gusto and fervor. The Chief Guest Mr.Ahamad Azad, Headmaster, Delhi Public School, Coimbatore was escorted by the School contingents.

Logeshwar of Class XI welcomed the august gathering with jubilant note, which added a new dimension to the event. Mr.Ahamad Azad unfurled the school flag which paved a way for the extremely awaited athletic events where emulation among the students skyrocketed. The day tracked by another show up was the lighting of the Torch which was carried by DPS Champions.

A striking, exhilarating and well synchronized March Past by the students bequeathed the onlookers astounded and beguiled. The event commenced by the felicitation of the Chief Guest Mr.Ahamad Azad. During his address, he mentioned that “We integrate the values of respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality into sport, which turn out to be an imperative spirit for life. He exhorted the students to keep up their sportsmanship spirit throughout their lives as it plays a vital role in shaping the persona of life. Subsequently, he administered oath and declared the Meet open with rejoice.

This was ensued by the track events including 100mts, 200mts, 400mts and 800mts for Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior categories were conducted. The students frolicked with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Triple Jump, Javelin Throw and 4*100mts Relay were piloted for Junior and Sub- Junior category. The children had laid a constant effort and proved that “the power of body lies only in mind”.

This privileged the Prize Distribution Ceremony, where Mr.Ahamad Azad gave away medals and certificates to the winners. The champions took the medals with pride and glee.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Sunnanditaa of Class X .In the closing ceremony, the Meet was declared closed by the School Head Mr.Ahamad Azad and the school flag was handed over to him by the H &PE Department. The Athletic Meet witnessed its zenith with the National Anthem.

It was a day pervaded with sportsmanship, zest and memories to relish.

Added on: 24 Nov 2018

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