“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach full potential are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

Education has motive – It aims at strengthening groups of younger generation. It is the primary objective, which determines the subjects taught, the knowledge offered and the knowledge withheld which the pupils are expected to acquire. The real goal and core of education is to raise children who can think, reflect and play a meaningful role as an individual. School for most kids is a place to have fun, make friends and create lasting memories and the class presentation is very apt concept to treasure blissful memories for the tiny tots.

Learning is an important aspect of students’ lives. It becomes all the more important to concentrate on different learning processes and various teaching methods as it involves transfer of knowledge, belief, skill, understanding, experiences, values and preferences. The class presentations of Nursery ‘A’ and ‘B’ took place on two consecutive days that was on Thursday, 27 September and on Friday, 28 September respectively. The guests were greeted by students of Class V with showers of flowers at the entrance of the Multipurpose hall. Introduction to each topic was appealingly rendered by few students of Class II. The interior and external area of the Multi -purpose hall was neatly decorated by the Art department with the help of few Outsource staff members and the Helper of class Nursery.

The event got kicked off with ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the grandparents, who were a part of today’s event along with our Headmaster. This was followed by a welcome address by our Headmaster Mr. Ahamad Azad. The little ones from their part welcomed their kith and kin by singing a glorious welcome song.

Whatever comes at a particular time is a blessing from God. Every new day is the blessing of God. The little ones started the day by seeking the showers of blessings from the almighty. It is a greater work to educate a child in a true and large sense. Most of us end up with a very few people who remember us, but teachers have thousands of people who remember them in their lives. The little ones’ discussions started with Teachers’ Day celebrations. The children with their euphonious voices chanted the shloka on Guru as a tribute to their teachers.

The entire day’s classroom conventional was discussed topic wise. The discussions started with the circle time, where the tiny tots rendered their dialogues and also enacted as if their teacher organizing the circle time in class. Learning should be engaging. Following the method of thematic teaching and learning, children become aware through recognition of the need to integrate with real life situation. Through their speech and rhyme, the children created an imaginary garden, connecting a gardener sowing seed which later grow bearing flowers and these flowers are compared with the smile of the young ones’.

The simplest things give more pleasure. Even the simplest food is a gift. The tiny tots today enjoyed demonstrating the preparation of lemonade. Various other activities happening in and around the classroom like Reggio Emilia, Learning centre, PEC Activity and Audio Visual were also discussed on the stage by the Nursery kids appropriately in their own style. Dance is a great form of exercise and every routine in it is a work out. When it came to music and movement, the little ones enjoyed the fun and joy of dancing to the rhythm.

As far as academics are concerned, Mathematics and Languages were verbally discussed by the tiny young ones, which were accompanied by portrayal of number songs and phonic songs. Amidst the program, as a mean of awareness of evacuation drill, the children on the stage were in the position of “Drop Cover Hold” for the sudden sound of the hooter. This was an added fragrance to the show, which kindled the necessity of precautions in the event of natural calamity.        


A discourse of bye-bye time was followed by an action song, where the little children beamed cheerfully singing and dancing.  A Thank You note was given by Class II student, followed by the tiny tots arranging themselves in a line and waving out with the pompom amidst the audience. A power point presentation was also organized for the parents to witness the daily happenings in Nursery through the various slides that were showcased. Last, but not the least, parents also came forward to share their positive thoughts.

The program concluded with a formal Thank you note rendered by the Head of the school. A major goal of schooling is to prepare students for flexible adaptation to new problems and settings. Students’ abilities to transfer what they have learnt to new situations provide an important index of adaptive and flexible learning.

Added on: 27 Sep 2018

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