Field trips can be used for wide and varied purposes. Sometimes a field trip is just what is needed to kick off a unit study or to put things together at the end of a term. Field trips can be used to spark interest in a variety of topics.

The students of classes VI and VII of Delhi Public School, Coimbatore were taken for a Field trip to various places according to their classes on 25th November, 2017.

Classes VI and VII set off to Isha Yoga Center from the school and reached their premises at around 8am. They first visited the massive statue of Lord Shiva or Adiyogi, as it is popularly known. They were dumbstruck at the sight of such a colossal and majestic structure. Next they headed to the main center.  There they visited the Theerthakunds two small water bodies, the Suryakund and the Chandrakund. The Theerthakunds contain lingas that are ellipsoidal in shape immersed in the water. They then visited the sacred temple of Linga Bhairavi. Their final destination was the Dhaynalinga which is a powerful and unique energy form under the pillar less dome structure.

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