"Childhood memories are akin to rainbow painted with myriad hues that leaves an   indelible mark  to cherish and relish deep within  their memory lane."

Delhi Public School, Coimbatore organised KHOJ- Night Camp for the dazzling stars of  Dipsites on 1st December 2018 for the fifth graders with zeal and gusto by keeping in mind its prime objective to imbibe a plethora of noble virtues such as sense of  adaptability, empathy, sharing, cooperation and self-reliance. It was a Red-letter day for the ebullient students when they stepped into the portals of the school to have a gala time with their buddies to create a strong camaraderie and rapport. Hence, a prior arrangement was made meticulously by sorting out the rooms and students. Excitement and curiosity was virtually brimming in their tender minds as they registered themselves, anticipating a fun filled night away from home. The campers received a hearty welcome by the school Headmaster Mr. Ahamad Azad and the teachers by exhibiting their cheerful disposition that apparently reflected on everyone’s countenance. The school premise was aptly festooned with colourful streamers along with soft music, which in fact wafted across the campers had indeed brought in an ambience of carnival.

After registration, the campers were served with fresh water-melon juice that quenched their thirst and kindled their curiosity to explore the fun kept in store for them. It was then followed by a special assembly conducted in the foyer, wherein the students were given important instructions of the ensuing events by the program in-charge Ms.Narmadha followed by our Headmaster’s address. In Sir’s address, he exhorted the campers to uphold high standard of discipline and decorum and emphasised that the true essence of the night camp was to observe, explore and to enhance life skills by taking active participation in the holistic activities and games.

As an icing on the cake, the visit to the SPOOKY HOUSE made the campers to afflict with quivers of goose bumps that popped out and cool jolt dribbled down their spine was indeed nerve-racking experience. The rocking rolling students hardly cared about the number of toes that they stepped on; however the cries of bawling were lost in the shrieks of joy. Thereafter the campers changed into colourful outfit and proceeded for the outdoor holistic games such as Treasure Track, Simon’s Dance Party, Spin the Wheel of Fortune, Tarp game. Bull’s Eye, Thump’s Imprint, Toppling the Cans, Tower building, Tin- Can Alley and so on. As a matter of fact, the campers were immensely delighted to be a part of the thought-provoking activities that were fastidiously designed and executed by their teachers. These holistic activities paved a way to strengthen the bond of togetherness, endurance, self-reliance and merry making was truly creditable. Besides, a Photography session was scheduled, so that the campers would carry back home their sweet memories to cherish. Adding zest to the momentous day, Star Gazing was organised in the sprawling grounds of our campus, in which students got an opportunity to view the distant planets and celestial objects with hi-tech binoculars and telescope. Subsequent to this, the facilitator Mr. Sakthivel from the institute of PSG Technology had briefed about the astronomy and the movements of planets in its imaginary axis.

They were then ready to enjoy a sumptuous and lip-smacking dinner which had tantalised their taste buds beyond measure. To everyone’s delight, children were found thronging at the ice-cream counter for the second time. Thereafter, the horde of euphoric Dipsites scampered towards the camp-fire zone to let out their dancing prowess, was the most memorable moment of the night camp. The rocking Dipsites seldom cared about the number of toes that they stepped on while dancing to the mind- blowing tunes. The cries of pain was drowned and doused off in the shrieks of joy. Adding flavour to the show, the teachers too joined on the dance floor was yet another incredible experience to treasure. Subsequent to the bon-fire, an interesting movie directed by Santosh Sivan titled  ‘Tahaan” was screened was all about an adventurous boy, who went in tireless pursuit of his beloved pet Birbal- the donkey was the highlight of the movie. Thereafter, they retired to bed with the fond memories of the eventful night.

The next day dawned with wakeup call sharp at 5:00 am and the campers geared up for the rejuvenating yoga session followed by mellifluous music session conducted by Music department. The Music session enabled them to attain the state of sheer ecstasy and sent the echoes of reverberation and resonation of the rhythm, thereby making the ambience more salubrious and balmy. Immediately after this, they were provided energy drink and nutritious breakfast. The concluding assembly spearheaded by our Headmaster was so encouraging in which Sir appreciated the campers for exhibiting high standard of discipline and decorum and motivated them to uphold the same spirit in the days to come. In addition to this, the best kept room was declared and some of them came up to the dais to share their night camp experience was quite remarkable. Thereafter, the students packed their bag and baggage and departed the campus with pleasant experience, perhaps, the first night out, with a desire of coming back again. Certainly, they took back with them the team spirit and sense of sharing and caring, that they learnt during their stay and the fond memories of the inspiring event, which they would cherish forever.

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