Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.”– Ernest Dimnet

To affirm the above statement, Delhi Public School took proactive measures to imbibe not only self-reliance but also the ethos of Gandhian values among the children. To accentuate the ideology, ample opportunities have been provided to children to unveil their talents in this regard to commemorate the annual theme 150 Years of Celebrating the Mahatma. December 13, 2019 had been earmarked as it turned out to be a special day wherein children showcased dance and drama on truth displayed through the play ‘Satya’.

The school geared up to greet the parent fraternity by leading them to the pathway to the designated venue - Open Air Theatre, which was beautifully festooned with hoardings pertinent to Gandhian philosophy. The decorations had completely transformed the ambience. The phrase ‘"See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" was brilliantly depicted through a rangoli of Gandhiji’s ‘Three Wise Monkeys’.  

The school was bustling with enthusiastic parents, grandparents and guests, who gathered to witness the play to watch the performance of their kids. The impeccable decoration and the grand stage brought in an air of festivity. Truth and Non-Violence constitute the kernels of Gandhi’s philosophy as he affirmed that Truth stands for ‘reality’. The second play of the day ‘Satya’ was based on the stories of ‘Satya’. The essence of drama and dance is to enable the children to understand the ideas through their acts which will be etched in their memory forever and this day had provided the right platform to achieve that noble objective. The poised and confident comperes of Class II and III greeted the parents and grandparents who were in all cheerful dispositions eagerly waiting to watch the grand show. The emphatic speakers read the Class Report about the varied activities conducted from Nursery to Class 1 during the academic session.

The play commenced with the Indian Classical story of Raja Harischandra, which deeply impacted Gandhiji. The children enacted, danced and depicted the story of Harischandra in a mesmerizing way. The audience was glued to the show during the graveyard scene as it evoked a sense of poignancy. The audience complimented by their thunderous applause for their spectacular performance.

The play was followed by Dhronacharya and Pandavas entry, the conversation which depicted the importance of speaking truth. The young children were beaming with confidence in delivering their dialogues. The conversation was later taken to ill effects of being dishonest which was brilliantly presented by dance drama on ‘Silapadikaram’, one of the greatest epics in Tamil language by Class 1 children. The presentation of Kannagi and Kovalan on stage was powerful which enthralled the audience. The music played an important role and the chorus did perfectly which enhanced the feel of the story.

The ballet to the Tagore’s poem, ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’ was presented impeccably with a ballet by children of Class Prep. It was then followed by a skit on Akbar and Birbal on the distance between truth and lie. It was indeed a lesson for the adults too. The gleaming costumes and well-designed props complemented the play. Kabir’s verses on truth were gracefully presented by Class Prep children. The attire was so apt and the synchronization left the audience totally engrossed. The witty and clever Tenali Raman brought smiles on everyone’s faces. The delivery of the dialogues was very brilliant.

Children of Nursery presented the classic crocodile story on being honest. The tiny tots were dressed as animals and enjoyed being on the stage. The play was made more interesting by introducing dances after every scene. Finally, children exhibited how perspective differs and it does not mean that they are lying with a beautiful story by Nursery children. The young talents were dressed as smart soldiers and did their part perfectly.

The splendid event then culminated with Headmaster’s address in which Sir appreciated the students, who had put in their commendable efforts to make the show a grand success besides their regular study. He also appreciated and thanked the parents extending their unflinching support and cooperation. On the whole, the play was a wonderful combination of pleasant ambience, melodious songs, brilliant acting and graceful dances which of course was a visual treat to the audience. Thus, the event interspersed an air of contentment, delight and joy everywhere, which eventually concluded with National Anthem.

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