A nation culture reside in the heart and the soul of its people- Mahatma Gandhi

The lec dem performance of Bhartnatyam by Smt. Uma Satyanaraynan was held on 16th October 2019 at Delhi Public School, Coimbatore an initiative taken by Takshila Educational society in collaboration with The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY).

Dance is a universal language, which could be used as a medium to express emotions and stories with gestures and Bhartnatyam is one of the oldest and most popular form of classical dances that originated in Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu in Southern part of  India.

The performance was inaugurated by lighting the ceremonial lamp by Smt. Uma Satyanaraynan, Spic Macay coordinator of Coimbatore, Mr. K. Sriram  and our respected Headmaster Mr. A Ahmad Azad. The head of the school honored the artistes by garlanding them in a traditional way.

The performance commenced  with a  bhajan (Maha ganapatim) dedicated to lord Ganapati by an eminent vocalist Smt.Sangeetha accompanied by Shri K. venketasubramanian  on Mridangam ,Smt. K.P. Nndhini on Violin and Smt, Priya Dandapani on Nattuvanagam, left the audience spellbound. In fact, spiritual bhajans help to soothen the mind so our hearts could be elevated to the divinity, allowing us to taste the blissful reality of our true nature.

First Abhinaya Smt.Uma Satyanaraynan depicted the story from the epic Ramayana  about lord Rama , lakshman and the female demon saroopnakha with her graceful movements .

The second Abhinaya was about Lord Ganesha. Smt.Uma Satyanaraynan showed that how lord Ganesha got his elephant head . She also explained about Bhava in classical dance. Bhava is something which conveys the meaning intended through words, physical gestures and facial expressions. It is the essential part of Bhartnatyam dance.

She also presented Kavit about lord Krishana through a graceful abhinaya. In conclusion she performed Vande matram, in which she depicted about our mother land India’s rich culture and heritage. 

Smt. Uma Satyanaraynan  shared her views with the students that how Music and dance are helpful in studies. She made the children aware that research has shown that the repetitive elements of rhythm and melody help our brains to form the patterns to enhance memory.

After the performance Mr. Shri Ram , the coordinator of Spic Macay Coimbatore expressed his gratitude to the artistes and impressed upon the young minds to preserve our rich culture and Arts.

At the end of the program the school Head expressed his gratitude to the artistes and the guests for their invaluable contribution towards the enhancement of our India’s rich cultural heritage.

Dance compliments people with different taste, emotions, needs and background because there is so much variety. Dancing has not only become a universal art form, but a universal language.

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