“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like anyone else”.  - Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

The ebullient children of the Nursery and Preparatory geared up in the party attire, in traditional dresses, awesome and terrific costumes of Halloween adorned the foyer on the bright sunlit Wednesday morning.  The blithe children were elated and thrilled to see the special display of goodies and foodies marked for the religious festivities.

The fanciful array of doll exhibits for Dussehra, electrifying Diyas lighting up the Rangoli for Diwali, Dahi Uri and Lord Krishna’s footprints marking the Janmashtami, gorgeous Ganapati Bappa with Modhak, village scenic beauty with Pongal and hallowed Ramzan decorations, grabbed the enthusiasm of the thoughtful and careful children.

The party scenes of Christmas, New Year and Halloween, Wedding, Birthday and Dance made them to exhibit their profuse joyfulness. Children were happy to view the food items and they were awestruck to be seated on the Wedding dais. The ghostly Halloween marked their ‘terrific’ fear. Christmas lights, angels, stars and Santa Claus coupled with children in red and whites brightened up the occasion.

The day began with the special assembly coordinated by the Music Department for the occasion. Settling exercises followed the Shloka and Prayer song. The well-turned speech by the Preparatory children on the importance of celebrating various festivals received applauds from everyone. The delightful Nurserians enjoyed singing rhymes with actions. Sensational and stunning Folk dance performance by the Preparatory children was followed by an appreciative speech given by Headmaster.

The skillful and caring helpers gave a graceful dance performance as a visual treat for the Little Folks. The teachers’ enactment on the Birthday party with the message, “Big or small, Friendship is all” was well received by the children. The children dispersed for the various indoor and outdoor activities to be continued for the day after visiting the kiosks and visualizing the displays of the day. The Nurserians were glad to relish their sumptuous lunch in the foyer adding beauty to the venue amidst the decorations.

Nursery - Indoor activities- Personalized Mosaic Craft

Besides the discussions on festivals and parties during the Circle Time, the decoration materials as, buntings, stars, balloons and caps prepared by the Nurserians adorned the party venues. A personalized mosaic craft was prepared by the lively and energetic children was indeed a takeaway for them.

Outdoor activity-ABC Scavenger hunt

The bubbly Nurserians enjoyed the activity as it kept them on their toes. Children with beseeching eyes were on their toes to seek, find and they enjoyed the moments.

Follow-up activities

Children were happy to make their wondrous attempts in drawing the items used for party decoration. They were amazed to watch the videos on party and dance. They also sang along and followed the beat and tune for the Freeze dance video.

Preparatory-Indoor activities

Colorful paper plate flowers and kites were made by the children and were used for the decoration of the kiosks and classrooms.

Outdoor activity- Pass the ball

Children delighted in the game of Pass the ball and were dribbling and bouncing in lavish enthusiasm.

Follow-up activities-Word Antakshari

Children stood basking in the applause of their friends when they made new words in the game, the word Antakshari. They were enthused to make new words as they enjoyed their knowledgeable moments. Children were happy to give way for their creative impulse as they drew a party scene in their Art Journal. Their boundless joy was evident when they watched the videos on the topic of the day.

The Nursery and Preparatory children carried their celebrity moments of Feasts and Treats with the imprints of festivities and foods, respect for culture and tradition in their mind. What not! They really understood what it takes to do a PARTY!

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Added on: 23 Oct 2019

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