Technology has revolutionized the way we work and is now set to transform education. Children (or indeed students) cannot be effective in tomorrow's world if they are trained in yesterday's skills. DPS Coimbatore follows computer aided learning. The Computer Aided Learning (CAL) creates an environment, where learning and assessment is fun . It enhances the quality of learning by making “Learning Play”, “Assessment Fun” and “Equal knowledge for all”. It is a learning technique being employed in order to educate students via the use of computers. CAL is becoming a popular tool for teaching, utilizing computers in the explanation, tutoring and testing of subject matter. It is an endeavor to make the content easier, interactive and stimulating, adding visualization by making the present teaching learning process joyful, interesting and easy to understand.

The basic objectives of CAL are:
- to move from the teacher centered classroom to a more interactive one; - to acquire knowledge, reinforce learning, by going beyond
- to include conceptual clarity and better application;
- to increase learners’ understanding of the different subject lessons based on concepts hard to visualize, simulations and dynamic processes with the explanations through good and effective graphics, sound, animations and video clips based on imaginative analogies;
- to create self learning provision through bridging the gap between active learning and passive teaching and make learning a more interesting and enriching experience for students; and
- to familiarize the students with the modern computer technology in various manners , for example learning the topic:

Exploring Shapes-

Areas of Learning: Mathematical Development
Context: Exploring shapes and patterns.
Learning Intentions: Recognize and create simple patterns. To use language such as bigger and circle to describe the shape and size .To choose colours and tools for a purpose.
Key Vocabulary: pattern, repeating, shape, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star, colour, palette, tool, mouse, arrow, click, paintbrush, size, line, fill, undo etc..

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