“To be a star you must shine your own light, follow your own path and don't worry about the darkness for that is when stars shine the brightest”

Children are like little stars in the galaxy called school. A child goes to school not just to gain knowledge or information but to learn the essential threads of group dynamics, adjustment, developing interpersonal skills to live in a connected world and shines brightly. The role of school in child development begins as early as pre-school and continues through childhood. Well balanced and a planned teacher has a great power to bring a positive change in the child’s development. As the child grows and develops mastery in different skills, teacher becomes a real guide in nurturing his interest and learning to make him more independent. By introducing the child to the first step to school, he learns to be independent and manages to think beyond his home. This ‘Little stars’ major activity makes the children to overcome their inhibition and shyness especially for the Nursery and make them feel comfortable in the new environment. It also creates a new and comfortable atmosphere for the children who have crossed yet another milestone i.e. stepping into their new class.

The day was cheerful and bright and children made a grand entry to witness and be a part of ‘Little stars ‘celebration. The children of nursery, prep and class I came in their party dresses and they were greeted by the joker during arrival time. The assembly plaza was beautifully decorated with colorful streamers, balloons, buntings, flowers, mushrooms, candies, butterflies, party decorations done by our children and posters provided by Art department. It gave each child the feeling of being amidst a fairy land.

Special assembly was conducted in the beautifully decorated foyer in which Class I children did the compeering and music department enthralled the tiny-tots with mellifluous rendition. To add to the excitement, fancy dress show was specially conducted for the tiny tots of nursery were one child from each section dressed up as fairy, princess and appeared on the stage and rest of the children had a ramp walk. This made their new beginning very happy in the journey of learning and growing. Prep children recited rhymes and children of class I who had just graduated from class prep came up with a very entertaining special performance comprising of song, dance, playing an instrument etc. This activity gave a platform to showcase their inner talent.

To our utter amazement, a teacher who had dressed up as a fairy appeared on the stage and entertained the children bountifully. Thereafter, she conveyed the message to the children that they all are unique and special. Their joy knew no bounds, when the fairy distributed good luck coins to children during the time of dispersal after the special assembly. Thus, assembly culminated with a plethora of colourful events which would be treasured and cherished deep down their memory lane.



Each class was given 6-7 cut outs of balloons, candies, cakes, butterflies and party pops. Children did thumb painting and decorated the cutouts with material from class stationery items. Later these cutouts were used by art department to decorated the foyer.


Children from Nursery to Class I got a Fairy card with a welcome note inside. They coloured the card with colours of their choice and carried “My Welcome Card” home on the same day.


Each child was given a cut- out of dress and cutout of boy/girl. They adorned the cut out and it was pasted on the inside board. The name of the child was written at the bottom by the teacher.



I am Special-

The tiny-tots of nursery were sat together in circle, then the teacher started the game by threw the ball at someone in the circle and that child who got the ball introduced herself to the group. Later the children in the group played the game as the teacher did and they enjoyed it. The game made the children comfortable with each other by sharing something special about them.

Crown making

Children were decorated their crowns provided by the teachers with glitters and stars and wore it on the day of the event.


Treasure Hunt-

A big tray was filled with sand and things like pebbles, bottle caps, objects from fantasy area were hidden in the box. The children were given a challenge to find maximum number of things in 10 seconds. The children found many objects and they thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Super hero mask-

The children of Prep were provided with eye mask cutout. They coloured and decorated the mask with stars and glitters and pasted ice cream stick on one side of the mask. The children liked the super hero mask and carried it to home.


Pass the Teddy-

All the children were made to sit in a circle form and passed the teddy when the music was played. When the music was stopped the child who had the teddy picked one slip from the box in the teacher hand and performed the action which was written on the paper. The game continued till everyone got a chance. This activity made the children very comfortable in the new environment.

I am an Artist –

The children of class I visited the kitchen garden and brought some fallen leaves, stems, flowers etc. to the classroom and made a collage with those things in the scrap file. Each one made a different collage.



Balance Beam –

The teacher drew straight line with a chalk in the foyer. The children were asked to walk one foot over the other foot across the straight line one by one. They game was very challenging when the teacher told them to walk backward and balance with one foot. The activity was interesting for the children and made them aware of balancing.


Fire in the mountain-

The children made two circles one inner and outer. Inner circle children acted as trees while outer circle children ran around the inner circle children. When one child from inner circle called out “Fire in the mountain run, run, run the outer children ran when she said “fire is out “all the runners found out the partner tree. The one who didn’t find a partner was out. Like this they played again and again and enjoyed every moment of the activity.


Musical chair

The chairs were arranged in the circular form in the foyer and the children were walked around the chairs. When the teacher stopped the music, they sat on the chairs immediately. The child who left without the chair was out.  The game was continued when the teacher removed the chairs one by one. The child who got the chance to sit on the final chair was announced as a winner.



The children coloured the activity sheet attached in the workbook and later they were taken to AV and showed the video.


The children done the activity sheet of circled the hidden treasure given in the workbook and showed the video in AV room.

Class I-

An extempore was conducted in the classroom were the children spoke a few lines on the topic, “I am special” and a star badge was given to them to motivate. This activity made the   children to think about their special abilities. Later the video was showed in AV room.

The celebration of these activities in our school has become an integral part of learning and encouraged the children to overcome their inhibitions and make them feel very special. Towards the end, the children shared their experiences with their teachers and friends. Children went back home with all the joy their little hearts could hold. The day will remain etched in their memory and whenever they think of their school days, they will surely remember this day.

“Do not train children to learn by force and harshness but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each."

- Plato

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