My Amazing Learning

I would like to begin with the phrase “Everyone’s in!” an article from Teacher Plus where the author says that the purpose of education is the same for all the students – to build confidence, to learn the skills and tools necessary to make it in the world outside and give back to the society. However, students can only do all this, when they feel valued, when they feel like they belong to the school and to the society. It was thought provoking statement and as a reader we would accept it and try to incorporate it, in teaching learning process and make our students feel valued in all their endeavors and give them the feeling of school as their second home and also make them to understand their roles in the future society.

Learning and unlearning takes place from birth to death. Human beings keep acquiring new skills or modify and reinforce their existing knowledge, skills and values in this competitive world. The activity ‘My Amazing Learning’ provides students to reinforce and reflect on what they have learnt throughout the school year where the students get an opportunity to demonstrate their learning skills and share their favorite themes and projects. This activity also helps the students to recapitulate the topics covered and brush up concepts learnt and create an impact in child learning journey

Transformation in the foyer had taken place overnight where the students were delighted to see lovely scenery around them and most of them would point out their art work and say with excitement, “It’s my work” and feel valued and sense of belonging and also the students felt proud of their work.

A special assembly was conducted from Nursery to class 1 on this special event “My Amazing Learning.” Students began with shloka and prayer and students of class 1 compered the assembly.

Nursery and preparatory students tapped their feet to a peppy song “Let’s star jump” and “Let us dance”. Few students from nursery recited their favourite rhyme and also students from each section came forward to share their experience about their 100th day celebration. Class one students chose the theme “Colours”and the students enacted about colours formation of rainbow.

Indoor activities (Nursery to class 1)

My Learning Log- A ‘Learning Log’ book was prepared for each child from nursery to class 1. The book had name of the student and their photo. Students had their tender and tiny impression of their hand in their book. Activity sheets were attached and the concepts were revised accordingly.

The students of nursery enjoyed and revisited their themes and projects by play way method where a big dice with picture of themes and projects were pasted on it and each student got an opportunity to speak about the topic.

The students of preparatory had a great time making their ‘Paper Craft Bag’ and displayed their skills. They also came forward and spoke about their favourite theme and project.

The students of class 1 displayed their skills by making ‘Button Collage’. They also had an interesting activity ‘My Shoe Plant Garden’ where the students filled the old shoes with soil and planted a seed of their choice and watered them every day. The students had an amazing time to see the growth of the plant each day. They were thrilled to see their seedlings showcased at the foyer. (As they did this activity at home they would have had close observation of the growth of the plant.). The students of class 1 chose their favourite theme and displayed their skill in creative writing.

Outdoor Activities (Nursery – class 1)

The students of nursery, preparatory and class 1 visited the different stalls set up by each section of class of 1 displayed the charts related theme ‘Games’ and project ‘Race’ Salad and cucumber and Jungle and Mougli. Class preparatory displayed the charts related to theme ‘Pets’, ‘Diwali’ and ‘Play Time’. Class Nursery displayed the charts related to the theme ‘Christmas’, ‘Party’, and ‘Garden’. The teacher spoke about the art work, drawings, scrapbooks and projects displayed in the stall.

Follow up Activity (Nursery – class 1)

Nursery students took an opportunity to wish their friends and themselves ‘Best of Luck’ for the next class. Preparatory students spoke about two to four lines on a common topic like their friends, school, summer, colours etc.

It was a Quiz time for class 1 where the teachers gave the students hints related to the theme and projects and students were thrilled to find out the answers and spoke with confidence.

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