“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty, if only we have the eyes to see them.”- John Ruskin

Nature can be cited as an experience of the physical world and in addition to the entire life. It seems that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement, the greatest source of visual beauty and the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life worth living.

The word “flora” is used to designate plant life.Flora epitomizes the goddess of flowers and of the season of spring. Fauna is all of the animal life. Fauna is the name derived from “to favour, nurture,” as Fauna is the goddess who nurtures all that is useful to living creatures. Flora and fauna mean plants and animals. These two forms of life along with other life forms constitute a biota. The importance of flora or plants on the land or in the oceans makes our life possible.

Plants are the only source which provides oxygen to all organisms prevailing in the world which protects the Earth’s life without causing imbalance towards it..The flora and fauna are imperative because they form the fine net of life, where each life has something to cherish. The importance of flora and fauna is linked with the very air we breathe and the food we eat. All things in an ecosystem are interdependent and also contribute at least in a very small way.

Both plants, as well as animals, help in maintaining the delicate ecological balance on Earth. The flora absorbs carbon dioxide and releases the supply of oxygen taken from the leaves creating habitats for many organisms to breathe in. Flora and Fauna are important to maintain biodiversity in the environment  so that the largest group of organisms are not vanished on earth. The existence of one species depends upon the existence of the other. Each plant and animal in the world brings something to the environment that another plant or animal including man will rely on. This creates a balance of life that enables the life cycle to survive.

Flowering plants act as beneficiary both to our ecology and environmnent which stands as a byproduct for us to survive adding beauty to the world.The fertile plants which are a part of food chain play a very important role in keeping the ecosystem with balance. All animals deserve respect and they serve as the best companions to humans.The power of human beings is proven by the fact that, they can tame and use an animal that is much larger their size. An elephant is the best example. Elephant helps human beings in many ways. We also keep animals as our pets.

The natural environment provides a wide range of flora and fauna for our wealth and happiness. Nothing is rich but the inexhaustible wealth of nature. The world of life and of spontaneity, the world of dawn and sunset and starlight, the world of soil and sunshine, the world of wildlife dwelling around us and of the river and its wellbeing are the integral community in which we live. Our relationship with nature is more one of being than having and therefore Humankind's greatest priority is to reintegrate with the natural world. 

The students who set their foot across the Assembly Plaza were fascinated  to perceive the atmosphere of a mini zoo , a few   farm animals  and a few pets chirping in their home which seemed  welcoming the little dip sites to school. All the students were filled to the brim with jubilation and became weird to discover the distinct  namesof undomesticated beast, domesticated animals, and livestock. In order to amuse the children the instrumental sounds were also played to feel the ambience of Mother Nature.

The working day embarked with a special assembly were the students of Nursery and Preparatory with a piece of choral music chanted shloka and prayer song. Students of Preparatory expressed their thought about the importance of forests and ways to preserve it. Prep students took pride in inviting their peers to talk about their favourite pet animals and to recite rhymes. Children were engrossed when they viewed the enactment of the story ‘Elephant and His Friends’ by their teachers. Children enjoyed singing the song ‘Old McDonnell had a farm’ with great pomp.

Indoor Activities and Outdoor Activities (Nursery)

During circle time teachers of Nursery took hold of stories from Panchatantra and delivered the  message about the species of farm  and pet animals and how to  nurture them were also discussed. Nursery children were briefed to emulate the sound effect of both the pet and farm animals like cat, dog, sheep etc. Children took great delight when their speech were recorded in the Dictaphone.

Then they proceeded for a Nature Walk and collected ample of dry leaves and twigs. In order to make things skillfully with their hands they actively participated in making of the Craft activity on ‘Bird Nest’ where theycoated thecut out of eggs and a bird. Children had lot of fun inplaying Musical Animal where they showcased their talent and danced when the music was played and abruptly stopped when the teacher showed them the picture of pet animals where the students enacted upon it. Then,they visitedreaching different stalls to view the wild animals, farm animals and pet animals. Videos onnatural worlda to z were also shown as a follow up activity.

Indoor Activities and Outdoor Activities (Preparatory)

Next, the teachers of Preparatory took tales of Panchatantra and storiesbased  onanimals were also pulled out to express that these species play a veryimportant role in the ecosystem. The adverse effect of the NoisePollution has made them to migrate from their natural habitat to a quiter place and extinct causes were also explained during the  Circle Time. Students were thoughtful and filled with gratitude when they had the activity ‘Compassionate Hands’ where they coloured the hand  cut outs and wrote the slogan “Save animals save earth”.

Students were excited when taken to outdoors to play the game ‘Put Me at The Right Place’. Flash cards of pet animals, farm animals and wild animals were kept in a box and students came one by one and read the names of pet and farm animals and placed it in the right box. The students were made aware of food habit of animals. Videos of Picture dictionary and wild animal’s images were  also displayed as a follow up activity.

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