"Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better “

– Albert Einstein

Children are the future of our nation and to have a brighter future ahead, it is our responsibility to make the children aware about our environment.  To impart the same, Major Co-Curricular Activity, “Season’s Delight” was organised on 19th of July, 2018 for classes Prep and Grade 1.  The activity aimed at adding charm and thrill in the lives of the children and enable them to categorize different seasons and to develop love and care for Mother Nature. It also aimed at providing rich experience to the children so that learning becomes significant and fun filled. 

On the day of the activity, the foyer was decorated with hanging clouds of raindrops and snowflakes.  A rainbow in the cloud added charm to it.  Four kiosks were put up to depict the four seasons; Class Prep portrayed Summer and Rainy season and Class 1 depicted Winter and Spring season.  Different costumes worn by the children and charts related to the respective seasons added beauty to the kiosks.  The stage backdrop comprised of  the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The activity commenced at 10:20 a.m. with shloka and prayer, after which the children were briefed regarding the activity of the day – ‘Season’s Delight’ and were made aware of the different seasons in detail and the various clothings and types of food which we generally have during those seasons.Subsequently  a brief talk by  Prep children and recitation of rhymes was staged.  Children of ClassI shared information about winter and spring seasons respectively.  The dance performance by Class I for the song “If you know all the seasons, clap your hands”was indeed a visual feast to the eyes and was thoroughly relished by the children.  Our Headmaster, Mr.Ahamad Azad addressed the gathering and appreciated the children on their splendid performance.  The activity was concluded with an amusing action songs.  In short, the Special Assembly was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

After the assembly, the children had visited the kiosks and continued with the funfilled indoor activities.

Indoor Activities: 

Prep:  “My Smiling Sun Craft” and “Rain Cloud Craft”, which was indeed a unique experience for the children.

Class 1:  “Cotton Wool Snowman” activity was enjoyed by the children. 

Outdoor Activities: 

Prep:  Nature Walk:  Children were taken to the Nature Walk and they conversed to the gardener about the compost pit and the gardener explicated the making and the usage of the compost pit.

Class 1:  Hide and seek:  Since the weather was not conducive for the activity to be conducted outdoors, it was conducted inside the class.

Follow-up Activity: 

Prep:  The children enjoyed the colouring sheet based on different seasons and watched related videos.

Class 1:  The children sketched their favourite season and marked the correct season in the puzzle sheet.  They also watched the videos based on seasons.

On the hole, the major co-curricular activity was filled with fun and laughter.  They had a better understanding regarding the different seasons and were able to associate the seasons with changes in the climate and environement.  The day was filled with merriment and colourful experience.

In order to, save the nature ‘Love the Nature and Nurture the Nature”.

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