“An oratorical skill sets apart one’s persona and makes not only charismatic but also appealing to the beholders as they ignite the spark of passion and zeal to soar high to the pinnacle of success.”

Inquisitiveness and exploratory mind, fidgeting and adventurous, boisterous and bubbly are not only the hallmarks but also the innate dynamics of childhood, which were explicitly epitomized by the vibrant members of Public Speaking club unfurled through the didactic play “WHAT MEN LIVE BY” by the prolific Russian writer Leo Tolstoy staged on February 19, 2019 at 8:00 am in Multipurpose Hall. Indeed it’s a creditable fact, that the acclaimed author’s War and Peace and Anna Karenina are often cited as his masterpiece. The prescribed play What Men Live By is a short story written in 1885 which portrays the prime component of human life which is none other than love.

An introduction to Public Speaking skills at a young age helps children learn several valuable, lifelong lessons. Learning to speak in front of a group of people will boost self-confidence and prepare children for school presentations and real-world applications. A formal invitation was sent prior to the parents’ fraternity soliciting their benign presence to witness their ward’s performance. In response to the invitation, the parents had turned up for the show quarter to eight. The members of the club were gripped in the state of euphoria ever since they heard about the presentation thereby they geared up since then with ecstasy for the D-day.

The performance got underway sharp at 8:00 am with the welcome address delivered by the program in charge Ms. Shanti followed by a brief narration by the comperes Janani and Vikaran on the renowned writer Leo Tolstoy and his extensive contribution towards his literary career. It was then followed by the main performance of the play as each member played their respective roles in a splendid manner.

The protagonists Simon, the shoe maker and Michael, the angel who disguised as a naked man stole the show with their remarkable dramatization and emphatic delivery of dialogues. The prominent character Matrina, the wife of Simon and her poignant role caught the fancy of the audience as it was really par excellence. The laudable act of the Nobleman and the old lady who adopted those two girls on sheer empathy was another commendable act as it evoked a sense of pathos in the hearts of spectators. The role of the angel Michael’s candid confession by depicting his sense of remorsefulness and its repercussions had added another feather to its cap. The altruistic attribute immaculately displayed by the protagonist Simon towards Michael was truly praiseworthy .The highlight of the skit, was the culminating dance, wherein the students danced so gleefully apt to the rhythm was appreciated by thunderous round of applause.

Their joy knew no bounds when the entire crew joined for the feet tapping dance, which bore a testimony of perfect coordination and meticulous practice. Eventually, parents were called to give their valuable feedback in which they extended their gratitude to the management for holding such classes to groom their personality by imbibing confidence and self-esteem. 

The event culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by the club in charge Ms. Shanti followed by the Headmaster’s address, in which he extended showers of accolades and eulogies to the performers and reiterated the students to nurture their dramatic prowess with indomitable spirit. Furthermore, Sir congratulated the flair and felicity of their immaculate delivery of dialogues was indeed far beyond their years as the Public Speaking Class has given a good boost to their self-image, grooming them into impressive speakers and gave a big boost to their confidence level and facilitated in combating stage fear.

Added on: 19 Feb 2019

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