“ Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening  our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”    -      Albert Einstein                                                     

Nature has always helped mankind to flourish. Animals and birds are amongst the most beautiful creations God has ever created. Our surroundings consist of diverse kinds of animals all over the world. They differ in sizes, shapes, color depending on the places they live in. These animals depend on humans for its shelter, food, water and general care. Animals are useful to us in many ways. In this view, the Major Co-Curricular Activity “Jungle Walk” for classes Nursery, Preparatory and Class I happened to widen each child’s knowledge and to understand that “ A jungle is an overgrown place with wild tangles and webs of vegetation and very dense forest.” Added to this everyone should be aware that we as humans, should encourage the society to have empathy and compassion for their furry, feathered and finned friends as it is vital for the conservation and protection of the natural habitat of wildlife species. The motto behind the activity was to promote wildlife awareness as they suffer from cruelty and are abused too frequently by the people.

Assembly plaza was creatively decorated with homes of farm animals, domestic animals and wild animals by the Art department. Also the arrangement in the foyer created an ambience of a dense jungle. The day started with a special assembly for classes Nursery to Grade I. The Almighty’s blessings make each one feel happy with simple things. The special assembly commenced with shloka and prayer in the assembly plaza. This was followed by outdoor activities assigned to each class during the assembly. The children of offspring enthusiastically took part in all the assigned activities and had a wonderful day.

The Nurserians performed rhymes related to farm animals with immense force and vigour. Children of Preparatory were dressed up as domestic animals with suitable props. They exhibited a magnificent performance by playing song pertaining to the animals which depend on humans the so called domestic animals. Class I children uttered a quantity of amazing essentials related to wild animals. The kids enthusiastically offered a role play depending on the same followed by an enactment and also danced to the song wearing their animal masks. The little ones dressed up as cow, sheep, horse, cowboy, etc was an added extravaganza to the show. The day was fun filled with knowledge gaining facts related to many kinds of animals, both domestic and wild animals, as well as amazing facts about jungle.

Add on this a plethora of both indoor and outdoor activities took place. Through these activities the tiny tots displayed an activity called “PAPER LOOP LAMB”where tiny strips of white paper was cut to tie the knot on one side along with the hearing aid on either side of the lamb. They had lot of fun using fluffy cotton balls to be seen on top of the lamb. The little ones of Preparatory were made conscious of the importance and safety measures of domestic and pet animals which made clear that animals too have emotions and should be well cared like humans. Moreover the importance of providing a protected and clean living environment for the pets made the children awake the significance. Next, Class–I students were educated about hunting of wildlife or feral animals was most commonly done by humans for food, recreation and the safety measures to remove the predators that are dangerous to us.

As a part of outdoor activities, the offspring of Nursery were fully immersed with lot of fun and vigor by hiding and finding animal cards from the Jimmy Jolly Park and finally putting them in their relevant homes. Children of Prep had a hilarious Animal Relay which completely engrossed them  to enjoy to their peak by running, hopping and crawling. Students of Class I displayed an activity, One Elephant Went Out One Day where the children imitated an elephant with dangling trunk and tail with the help of their hands and were completely immersed in singing and dancing.

The craft activities like Rainbow Rooster, Stick Puppy Dog Craft and Potato Print Owls Craft pertained by each class added more flavour to their enthusiasm, which they later carried home happily. The activity “Jungle Walk” concluded with the follow up activity for each class from Nursery to Grad I. The input given by the Art department made the ambience more enlightening and colorful. The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. A forest bird never wants a cage. Thus the Major co-curricular activity “Jungle Walk” came to an end with the children going back with memories, knowledge and lot of fun.


Added on: 25 Jan 2018

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