Hands that C-A-R-E

“You have two hands - One to help yourself, and the second to help others. Without a sense of caring there can be no sense of community.”

Community helpers are the people who work for the welfare of the society by making our lives comfortable. A community needs many people to pitch in for it to function well without any hassles. It is imperative for all of us to know the ways in which community helpers make our lives better. It helps us to appreciate their work for rendering selfless service. Moreover, we can also help them to do their jobs better if we understand the role they play. They deliver a service that makes our lives quite easier and comfortable.

With an aim to kindle the students' imagination and enhance our social development skills, the activity ‘Hands That Care’ was conducted as the major activity in our school premises with a great pomp for classes Prep and grade I.

This is a wonderful way to broaden the student’s horizon and help them learn about the world beyond home – their community. A community can be a school, town, or neighborhood.  Community helpers make communities cleaner, safer and more pleasant and hygienic for people.

 This activity is important as it brings home to children for a lot of reasons such as safety, thoughtfulness and understanding the way the world works. It teaches them to address politely to the people in our neighborhood and mingle with them.

It will help the children to know about tools used by community helpers, imbibe moral values like helping others and dignity of labour. With these objectives to be achieved, activity Hands that Care was organized. Children came in casual dresses and few students came dressed up as community helpers like nurse, sweeper, policeman, doctor, soldier, vegetable vendor farmer, teacher and etc. They presented their views happily and proclaimed that they were proud to be dressed as community helpers and loved their job.

The ambience was decorated with pictures of community helpers and their tools. Posters of people who help us like gardener, vegetable vendor, fire fighters, doctor, milkman, gardener, carpenter, grocer, plumber, tailor, and farmer were placed all around the foyer.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of classes Prep and I, which was very well coordinated. Discussion on the major event was done by Class-I students. Community helpers were invited in the special assembly like driver, gardener, conductor, Infirmary in charge etc. A remarkable presentation was put up by the students and teachers of Prep, a dance presentation was given by dance teacher and music department also presented a song and gave a music presentation.

Children and teachers were dressed up as community helpers, who cater to fulfil our daily needs. Teachers came dressed up as lawyer, doctor, teacher, tailor, dancer, musician and singer. Children also came dressed as community helpers and spoke about the importance of their profession.

A spectacular effort was put up by the students of class I, who presented a puppetry on the importance of community helpers.

Finally, our Headmaster Sir addressed the teachers and students by adding few more points on the importance of community helpers in our day today life. In order to honour the guests, “Thank you Cards” were given to the guests. The assembly concluded with action song.  

Children were sent back to their classrooms with thoughts to reflect in perspective to the highlights of this entire activity which was to make them understand that life would not be so easy without people who help us and therefore , all community helpers should be given their due importance and respect.

A blend of interesting indoor activities engaged the children like circle time, discussion about the activity and colouring. Students of class Preparatory did a ‘flip book’ were a book of five community helpers body was pasted which was coloured  and children were asked to bring their passport size photo and it was pasted in the last page. Children will flip the page and at each page they will be delighted to see themselves as different community helpers.  They were also motivated to speak in full sentence about the community helper and their role in the society.  

Outdoor activity for Prep students was visiting the kiosks and they played a game ‘Police officer’ who stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar? As follow up activity, students wrote about their father’s/mother’s occupation in the creative writing sheets and drew their parents. They also watched videos on community helpers.

Class I students eagerly waited for the indoor activity and enjoyed some interesting craft work in making a nurse and a builder with cut outs. They made five fire fighter and hand print activity for which they took their hand print and drew different faces of community helpers and spoke about them. As outdoor activity, Class –I students also had ‘Police officer’ who stole the Cookie from the Jar? ‘Children were asked to write about any community helper as follow up activity and watched videos.

Students happily left for the day fully satiated with fun, laughter and a meaningful take away. Through this activity, children learned about different professionals and how they make our lives better, keep us and community safe and also help our community function better. Children will also develop more respect towards outsource staff as they work to keep our school clean.

 “Mankind is interdependent and the happiness of each depends on the happiness of all.”

Added on: 19 Sep 2019

Published by: School Admin