The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared September 8 as the International Literacy Day on November 17, 1965. The motive behind celebrating the World Literacy Day is to highlight the significance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

This year marked the 51st anniversary of the International Literacy Day and the theme is 'Reading the Past, Writing the Future'. The day will be celebrated all over the world, with the main celebration taking place at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris on September 8-9.

The World Literacy Day was celebrated in Delhi Public School, Coimbatore on September 7th, 2018. We had various indoor and outdoor activities by the children from classes 1 to 3. The objective of these activities was to create the awareness about the importance of education in young minds.

On account of International literacy day, Class I children performed enactment on the book "A Cloud of Trash" written by Karanjeet Kaur, and illustrated by Bhavana Vyas Vipparthi.  The story created an awareness in them about keeping their place spic and span.  It also emphasized the fact that they should not litter but the wastes should be thrown in the dustbin.

As an icing on the cake, the children brought out cheer and delight, a puppetry show was presented by class 2, which indeed expanded their horizons and exhorted them to keep their surroundings uncluttered. As an indoor activity, the children also did the cover page of the book “A Cloud of Trash”.

Concurrently, the children of Grade 3 were made aware of the importance of education in life and how it would help them in future. The children gave an inspiring speech on the topic, “World Literacy Day” followed by activity on making the cover page of the book by the children. Group activity was also conducted where the children were divided into groups of 3 R’s (reduce, recycle and reuse) and they brought various pictures and drew pictures related to the topic and had a discussion on the same.

The event was drawn to close by the address of Our school Head, Mr.Ahamad Azad who laid stress on literacy, where he stated that education is the key for learning and it plays the dynamic role in progress of a nation. He also emphasized on keeping the surrounding uncluttered and organized.

During the recess, the audio of “A Cloud of Trash” was played. The children enjoyed listening to the story while savoring their lunch.

On the whole, the children enjoyed the story and began to fall in love with the book and its characters.

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